June 22, 2014

Eye of the Storm

Sweat drips down her cheek bones, she twirls around her hands twitching as she stares up the eye of the storm. Chaos rages around her, she watches as everything she loves is torn from it's foundation, Dreams are suffocated in the winds. She chokes on the words she should have said. If she would of had the courage maybe this storm never would have been born. Sitting in the eye of the storm there is a scary kind of calm, a palpable sense of lingering fear. And there's nothing she can do, except one thing. She stares up the eye of the storm, up towards the patch of blue sky. She has prayed many times before, but she needed Him now more than ever. She closes her eyes and tears stream down her face. "Please God," She whispers to herself. "Make this storm stop, take it away." She mutters more pleads of salvation to God but the storm whirls on. The winds pick up faster and faster. "GOD PLEASE!" she shrieks, her face goes white with panic, terror drapes her eyes. She just wants it to stop so she contemplates jumping into the hurricane. It would be so easy, no more suffering, no more fighting.

She stares into the whirling darkness. The winds cut her face. But as soon she decides to jump a man walks through the storm to her. "NO" he yells. Reaching out his hand he races towards her in panic. She stops at the sight of him. "My beloved daughter don't, I love you so much. If anyone understands your struggles it is me, if anyone understands your pain it is me, if anyone understands your desire to escape this chaos it is me. But it is also me you can survive this storm." She stares at the mysterious man in amazement. Never has a man look at her with such love in his eyes, so much caring. "Who are you?", she asks. The man chuckles to himself. "Oh my daughter, I am your salvation." He smiles down at her and wraps her in his arms. Immediately she is filled with an overwhelming sense of peace, even though the storm wages around her. "My Jesus." She says with a smile. "I'm so sorry I left you, I thought I could do it all by myself, but I can't. I just can't." She accepts his embrace and soaks in his presence. "I know, It's alright I love you no matter how far you stray, I have been chasing you for months. Thank you for coming back. You don't know how much pain it causes me to see you in pain. I wanted to help you but you just kept running away and rejecting me. Please my precious daughter don't run away anymore. This world is full of the consequences of sin and I can't make your life perfect by your standards. But if you trust me, one day you'll look back at these silly little storms like battle scars. They'll make you a stronger person and transform you into the Godly women I want you to be. That I know you can be. But only if you trust me. You will never have to fight alone, be still and know that I am your God. "

 He kisses the top of her forehead and looks her in eyes. "In this life you will have trouble. But take heart I have overcome the world." The storm rages on but she looks at it differently now. She no longer has to fight alone. She has peace in Jesus that everything will be ok. Not by her standards but his. She realized while she was sitting in the eye of the storm that if it wasn't for that storm she would never would have gotten that close to Jesus. And she would go into thousands of storms if it meant getting closer to her Jesus.

 Slowly the storm starts to slow and Jesus takes her by the hand. He looks down at her with loving eyes and says. "Are you ready for the road ahead?" she squeezes his steady hand in agreement. "Yes, you lead and I'll follow." He reaches down and picks up the destruction that tried to cover the path. "Good because I have great plans for you." As they walk he cleans up the path the storm almost destroyed. The path that Jesus had set for her. Every now and then a storm pops up. But she clings to her Jesus and has peace. When the storm subsides they continue on their path. She looks back often to see how far she has come from the first storm. The storm that almost ended it all. The one she almost gave her life willingly too. The one that Jesus saved her from. Her Jesus. Her salvation. It was worth it. Don't give up.

A Sinister Kind Of Beautiful.

The creature was beautiful, not like a sunset was beautiful. But a sinister kind of beautiful. One that demanded respect. And you give it willingly because you fear to see those red eyes light up with aggression. You admire the way it stalks about, the way sun shines down on its slimy scales. You have never seen anything like it before in your life. You fall in love and are terrified all in the same moment.


The red eyes glare at you like you're something to eat, but for a moment the predatory stare transfigures into curiosity. But just as fast as it appeared it also disappears. Drool crawls down its jaw, as it licks its lips.

It's eyes steal your attention, memorizing your soul with its stare. You stare deep into the eyes of your taker. It's red eyes spill over in eagerness as it slowly creeps towards you dragging its claws along, sparking on the pavement. It crawls closer and closer. Your gut screams at you to run, and to run fast. It's not until warm, sticky, red liquid pours out of your torso that you realize you made a mistake. You fell in love with a sinister kind of beautiful.

June 20, 2014


How I feel when I describe the fantasy land I created that my series is set in.....

June 18, 2014

Story Fabric

How to start an Autobiography  http://www.writeanbiography.com/2014/06/how-to-start-autobiography.html

First Drafts: A.K.A brain ooze

writingelements:  First drafts"How I felt writing the first draft..." - Unknown #quotes #writing
 1: They sound awesome when you first write it down, but then you realize it's garbage.
First drafts of famous movie lines…
2: As the great Ernest Hemingway once said
"The first draft of anything is sh*t"

3: Its nothing but a letter written by a bipolar, emotional kindergartner.

4: You write it down then a week later read it and question your sanity because of how gross and morbid you discovered you are.

5: Your first draft is going to be crap no matter what you do. But its not an atomic bomb.

6: Its better than no draft at all

7: You can always change it

8: Give yourself permission to write badly. Get rid of it, smack it down on that page.
"Write like no one's reading." - Unknown (especially in the first draft) #quotes #writing
9: You have nothing to lose, you can rip it up, eat it, feed it to a cat, toast marshmallows over it the next day if you want.

10: Write fearlessly

11: The delete button is a first drafts worst enemy. Don't tap that.

12: If you want to freak out your family or friends let them read it.

13: Just shut up, stop complaining, don't worry about how bad it might be, because it will be worse than you think. Just get it down!
And lo, I dreamt of a celestial paradise where all first drafts were perfect and without need for editing...

Insert witty title here

Isn't it amazing that you can work your tail off on something and then find out it is crap. So you have to rewrite. My exact predicament right now. Having just wrote three chapters in about 2 weeks is leaving my brain a little mushie, gushie and dead. Not to mention I haven't seen my editor in little over a month. My brain hurts. I wish it was easy, to just be able to whip a masterpiece out of thin air the first time and not have to revise and revise and revise and revise and, well you get the picture. And it's not like you can just sit for hours and just write either. There is bills to be paid, dogs to be walked, nieces to be babysat, a house that needs cleaned, low immune systems to heal (Allergy season) and food that needs to be in my belly. Being busy sucks. And being so busy you can't write or revise sucks worse. And reading a pile of crap called your first draft is the suckiest.

June 9, 2014


This is the most fantastic writing utensil out there! P.s Sonic Screwdriver pens are cool.

Don't listen your brain!

Ugggh!! Writing, I swear is more of a mental battle, than a battle between the pen and the paper. Writers why do we do this do ourselves! Why do we spend more time comparing ourselves or eating or crying than actually writing. I am very guilty of this. I spend most of my day daydreaming about my world I've created. I think about what the characters would be doing or how they would react to my situations. Then your beautiful brain that helped you create that beautiful fantasy land betrays you! Yes betrays you like you've made your characters betray each other, with a stab in the back! Your brain tells you how dumb your idea is or that you're not good enough. That evil voice echoes between your ears,"You'll never be the next J.K Rowling" Well I'm here to say......DON'T LISTEN TO YOUR BRAIN! Well listen a wee bit, it's not wrong all the time but push through! Finish your first draft. Revise it! Come on writers. You can do it! I'm mostly posting this mostly for myself due to a bad case of writers block. But I know I'm not the only one struggling with this. First drafts are supposed to look like a letter written by a mad man. You can mess up as much as you like and then fix it up beatifully. That's the best part. So heres to not listening to our brains when they're become traitors!

June 7, 2014

Look at me! My first blog post!!

Hello all! I'm so happy you've found my blog! Well I wish I could tell you all something exciting, like a hook to keep you all coming back but I don't live in a big city. I live in an itty bitty town in New York.So I don't have any exciting stories. We don't have subways or pigeons, we have turkeys and motor home racing. Yeah that's right motor home racing. Don't be jealous. Its actually quite amazing. Anyway, right now I'm supposed to be taking a shower because I have watermelon in my hair, and face...... well everywhere. There was a watermelon fight, needless to say that I lost. I really should take a shower I'm SOOOO sticky, and don't get me started on my hair.
 I don't understand why some girls put weird stuff in their hair. A cousin I have puts egg and olive oil in her hair..... gross. She learned a very valuable lesson about a month ago, never take hot shower when you have egg in your hair. Unless you want scrambled eggs cooked into your scalp. I thought it was hilarious, she did not. 
Well whether you put weird stuff in your hair or if you just stick to the conventional shampoo and conditioner I really hope you come back and visit me! I have to go wash watermelon out of mine. Good night! xoxo.