January 1, 2015

Resolutions are pointless

So I've been thinking about "New Years Resolutions". And I think they are extra large jar of stupid sauce. I mean all the power to you if you achieve your goals that you establish January 1st by the next January 1st.
But let's be honest, the majority of us get so excited for the new and fresh start. But do we really get a fresh start? We can't run from our past, so why try to forget it? Yes it's a new year and the thought that there is so much more life to live is exciting. We should not be ashamed for what we did not achieve in the past years, but look foward to all the years you have to achieve them.
I don't like new years resolutions because I feel like it puts an expiration date on my success, and the best things take the longest to achieve. Orginally I was going to finish my book for my new years resolution but I started thinking, why would add a due date. It's only going to cause me stress.
If I finish my book within the year then I'll throw a party, if not, I'm not going worry about it. I love the freedom of being able to do what I want when I want, and not being bound to conventional standards. It's so liberating to know that I have a lifetime to achieve my dreams. I obviously want to finish my book as soon as possible but it's going to be on my own time. If it takes longer than a year it will be because my whole heart, mind, and soul went into it. I will not be put into the social box of "New Years Resolutions"