September 26, 2014

Night Owl

Hello fellow night owls. Lets be real now. None of us have insomnia, we all have an internet connection. But maybe its not the internet connection or the insomnia that is keeping you awake. It is your mind. Late nights were created for the creators. We create worlds and beings. Make civilizations  rise and fall. No we are far from gods. We are artist. We are the story tellers, we make the snapshots in our minds come alive.

Our minds buzz a million miles a hour all the time and we can't help it. It is our gift and our curse. I always look at it this way and you can quote me.

" The best time to write is at night. All the good thoughts have not been recognized yet. People are either asleep or too drunk to have a sane thought."

I am my most creative at night and I wish I could stay up all night writing. Its like my brain comes up with these magnificent ideas and because I am a wee bit tired, my brain shuts off the filter. The result: pure unfiltered genius. Thinking kills writing. Thinking is self conscious. Just do it. You can fix it up and edit it beautifully later. Late hours are the hours for the genius' to work their magic.


September 25, 2014

Say Hello to Skylar

So I thought it would be fun to share with you my main protagonist. Her name is Skylar. And instead of writing a super long description I'm going to post some quotes and pictures that describer her, and things she might say. Enjoy!
And this is about what she would look like. I don't have character sketches done yet.

This is so much Skylar, the hair color, the face, the eyes, the lips, the nose almost everything except the freckles.
The freckles on this person.
 And this is the length of her hair. I love this picture. This is Skylar's hair, not the color. Long and wavy. 
And these are some things she wears on a daily basis.
 Silver rings on all of her fingers, stacked.
 And of course a tiara. She is after all the Princess.
Next month I'll introduce you to Ian. Stay tuned.

September 23, 2014


I am now in the stage where I hate everything that I have ever wrote. Right now I hate my story, I think it's crap and I'm having a mental break down because I feel like I have wasted the past 5 months of my life on a project that no one will like.

I feel like my three year old niece could develop a better story than I could. But I guess this is the stages of writing. Even though I feel this way I have to push myself. In all honesty I think I might have over worked my brain. A writers mind is a blessing and a curse. We can create beautiful alternate realities as well as ridiculous conclusions and delusions that we are failures. So I guess I have to push past this stage. *sigh* Pray for me.

11. Things your non-writer friends might not understand....

1: Your obsession with words.

2: The stress you have from having 12 different character's problems in your head.

3: How easily agitated you become if you had not a chance write.

4: How you can write over 20,000 words in a week and actually enjoy it.

5: That despite your playful disposition at times you can write some pretty weird messed up things.

6. Your obsessive inner mologging that sometimes doesn't stay in your head.

7. Chewed Pen caps.

8. Hundreds of random journals

9. The god complex you develop at times from creating and destroying a fake world.

10. It's not a "fake world" to you.

11. Writer feels...... because there's not a word horrible or amazing enough to describe the roller coaster of self doubt and confidence.

What are some things that your non writer friends don't understand about you? Leave a comment bellow.

September 20, 2014

The Artist

I see no difference between painters and writers.
Both express their ideas and bend reality.
What makes a painter a painter, and a writer a writer, is the media they use to stir souls. 


Quote Me:

I choose not to write about love. For I am yet to find a love worth writing about.


September 18, 2014

September 16, 2014

Book News

All of my blood sweat and tears have been put into this.... part one of my novel is complete. Well the rough drafts. Now all I have to do is revise and edit, then BOOM one fourth of my manuscript is completed. But easier said than done. Surprisingly like I said before, editing and revising have become my favorite things. I used to hate it, but now I look at rough drafts as an opportunity for growth. I look at my rough drafts and see what they can become. Not the pieces of crap that they are.

So. That being said. I have to go revise about 35 pages (Standard paper size, not book pages) of well for lack of a better word crap. But I'm excited to carve and mold my story into the beautiful creation I know it can be.

September 12, 2014

200th view!!

As of now I am doing a happy dance in my room because I have just hit 200 blog views. You guys are awesome.
I really, really hope you all stick around and don't be afraid to comment on my stuff. Tell me how bad it is if you don't like it or strike up a conversation with me about the topic. PLEASE!
I want to talk you whoever it is that actually likes my blog. Or maybe you don't like it so you keeping checking back to see how suckish it is. But lets be honest, you're clearly in denial and you love me. So comment, tell your friends, share it on whatever social network it is you like to be social on. Lets go for another 200 views.

I don't have insomnia....

I really should be heading to bed. But I just love to write so much my brain won't let me fall asleep. My brain is constantly buzzing and I cannot help it. I have to write.
Good news for you all because that means my first installment of my series will be done quicker. But bad news for me because I'll end up walking around like a zombie all day. Boo.
I love this quote by Sylvia Plath. Never has a quote hit home for me more than this one.

Seeing with no eyes

A blind man and a deaf man can both see beauty in people. But the beauty the blind man sees is the most remarkable of all.


Romans 1:16

Jesus you are my Lord, my savior, my best friend. I am your beloved daughter. You are the one who understands the deepest parts of my soul. The one that knows my darkest deeds and thoughts, and still you love me. You died for me even though I did not deserve such a sacrifice. You Prince of Peace are as white as snow. I am the outcast, the sinner, broken and scared. A small, insignificant face so lost in the crowd. But still you love me. You love me not for what I might become or what I have done, but you love me for I am. You are all I need. In my deepest valleys you have not abandoned me, in my highest peaks you have helped me soar and through my storms you have brought peace. You remind me time and time again "I have told you these things so that in me you shall have peace. In this world you may have trouble; but take heart! I have overcome the world." (John 16:33)
Thank you my Jesus.

Beauty's curse

Beauty is so much more than what the eyes see,
intimacy is so much more than what the hands can feel.
The soul longs for you to notice its beauty,
The mind longs for the intimacy that deep conversations bring.
Very often the soul and the mind are ignored,
for their host's shell turns heads,
but sadly the shells of others care not for the precious jewels hidden beneath.
And that is beauty's curse.


September 11, 2014

When my mind wanders, it wanders to these thoughts

I don't understand how mean people can be. If someone knows the pain that life brings, how could they knowingly inflict pain on to others. To me that is truly evil.

John Green

*Slowly raises hand*

September 2, 2014

It is simply magic.

Leap of Faith

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have wings? To be able to fly? Please, I wouldn't stay in the same place for longer than a month. I would race Eagles, mess with passengers on airplanes, knock hats off random peoples heads and probably drop vanilla pudding on strangers heads. Really the possibilities are endless. But honestly the most amazing thing about being able to fly would be the freedom. To be a free spirit. To do and go places at your own time. No stress or worries. To have the guts to look down 100,000 feet at the ground and not be afraid, but feel empowered. All of those freedoms are a wonderful thing to imagine, but in order to learn how to fly you first have to jump.