April 7, 2016

Where Dandelions Grow

Things must be broken in order to be made whole.

Can a seed grow on top of pavement? No. The surface is too hard. There's no nutrients. Nothing for the roots to cling too. It's only through the cracks that the dandelions grow, right?

At times can't we be as hard as pavement? Hard headed? Hard hearted?

Overtime something starts to happen. God allows certain circumstances to take place that leave us completely and utterly broken, our facades cracked. In those moment we cling to God, crawl to him on our hands and knees, begging, pleading Him to make us whole again and fix us.

As we begin to spend time with Him, seeds of God's word fall to our hearts. This time they don't shrivel up on our hard bitter exterior. Instead they fall through the cracks and take root in our souls. There they blossom and over time the seeds start to up root the hard pavement that once shielded our hearts. Turning it to dust.

From those ashes something so new, so beautiful blossoms, something we didn't know existed. A new wholeness that was created entirely by brokenness.

It is only in the cracks of our hearts where the most beautiful can things grow.