May 28, 2015

That Is The Question?


To sleep, or not to sleep? That is the question.

If I sleep I cannot write, then I won't get anything done, then I won't finish my book and also I won't be able to practice my writing muscles.

But if I stay up and write then I won't be able to wake up in a timely manner. Which means I will not finish my chores early then by the time I can sort of write I have to cook supper. This might also make me too sleepy to write the next day.

But what if I don't write tonight and I go to bed now and wake up in timely matter, get all my stuff done and still don't get time to write.

This makes me very angry. Because when I do find time to write I have to do life stuff. And life stuff sometimes sucks. Like I don't want to be messed with when I am trying to write. I need a do not disturb sign.
I wish my Mind Palace worked better, but then, I realized I'm not Sherloch. :'(

The most annoying thing about all the life stuff that gets in the way of writing is when you are finally in the flow and got a rhythm going and people want you to stop right where you are so you can do something.

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Oh my gosh I'm getting aggravated just writing about it. I hate it so much. Like non-writers do not understand this and its so hard to explain because its a feeling that is so unique I don't know the word for it. It's just something that happens in an artist mind and once it starts it should not be stopped. I feel like it is a crime against nature.

This is why I am getting a writer's shed. Yep you heard it correct. I am going to Thoreau my life away and leave my family, escape into the woods to write and read books alone.

Ok maybe not that drastic but I am getting one. Thank goodness because I am running out of room in bedroom for all my books and writing stuff. I have more papers, books, sticky notes, folders, binders, pens, chewed pen caps, and journals than I do actual bedroom stuff, like floor space.

But I don't know, I'm going to set myself a word count then go to bed. Night all.