June 9, 2014

Don't listen your brain!

Ugggh!! Writing, I swear is more of a mental battle, than a battle between the pen and the paper. Writers why do we do this do ourselves! Why do we spend more time comparing ourselves or eating or crying than actually writing. I am very guilty of this. I spend most of my day daydreaming about my world I've created. I think about what the characters would be doing or how they would react to my situations. Then your beautiful brain that helped you create that beautiful fantasy land betrays you! Yes betrays you like you've made your characters betray each other, with a stab in the back! Your brain tells you how dumb your idea is or that you're not good enough. That evil voice echoes between your ears,"You'll never be the next J.K Rowling" Well I'm here to say......DON'T LISTEN TO YOUR BRAIN! Well listen a wee bit, it's not wrong all the time but push through! Finish your first draft. Revise it! Come on writers. You can do it! I'm mostly posting this mostly for myself due to a bad case of writers block. But I know I'm not the only one struggling with this. First drafts are supposed to look like a letter written by a mad man. You can mess up as much as you like and then fix it up beatifully. That's the best part. So heres to not listening to our brains when they're become traitors!