May 19, 2015

Light vs. Dark

Watch as the light cascades through the stain glassed window, as little rainbows are born on your skin. You twirl your fingers in the light and wonder, "Is darkness really the absence of light?"

How could something this beautiful or powerful be overcome by darkness. Why isn't light the absence darkness?

Why is it that we are so afraid of the dark? Why not the light? Darkness may tuck monsters away in shadows but light forces us to stare our terrors in the face. Ignorance is truly bliss.

It is not darkness that you should be afraid of. Because it is in the darkness that caterpillars sprout their beautiful wings and they are never truly the same.

Darkness may be the absence of light, but we can never appreciate the light until we let our eyes adjust to the darkness.

Peace. After my heart rate slows and my breathing is steady.  It is a special kind of peace I find in the absence of light.

Darlings do not run from the darkness or hide from the light, both are essential if we want to live full and happy lives.