My Book


So if you have stumbled upon this page it is because you are interested in my book, which I thank you dearly for taking an interest in. But it is not done yet.

I am currently in the editing and rewriting, and rewriting and rewriting and rewriting stage. Basically if you haven't caught on I'm doing a lot of rewriting which I LOVE because every time I rewrite something I can add more layers. Like in the fall you apply layers so spice up your outfit, you also layer in writing to make it pop. Its my favorite part. Honestly it is, there wasn't an ounce of sarcasm in that paragraph. Well there was a little but that's not the point.

Anyway I wanted to share some information about my book, without giving away any major plot details. I will just be sharing some of my characters and giving some insight on my world. (I will be referring to my book as TOK for short and I don't want to give out its real title yet.

I hope you enjoy and stay with me on this journey as I become a published author. It won't be much longer now!

Each link will send you to a post that has something to do about my book, that way you don't have to fish through all of my post.

Meet Skylar.

The Magical World of Gage (Real name is top secret)