April 11, 2015

Welcome To My World

It has been awhile since I have done this.

The last time I posted something about my book I was introducing to my main character Skylar.

This time I will be introducing you to the entire world (Briefly). I didn't do that first because I was still constructing it. Obviously I will be keeping some things secret because I want it to be a surprise so don't worry about spoilers.

My book takes place in a world called Gage. (Not the real name, keeping it a secret) It is divided up into five kingdoms determined by race. The humans, and four other races that I have created. (And keeping top secret because they are freaking awesome and I can't wait for you all to meet them!!!)

What I can tell you is one kingdom is in the sea, one is steampunkie, another is cyberpunkie, one is magical, and another lives high up in the trees in the forest.
Magic and science coexist, depending on who you ask. Some believe that magic is rubbish and everything can be explained or engineered. While the others believe in the mystical and that science is a worthless. Then there are the ones who have no clue about any of it.

There are two suns and one moon that play apart of the religion of the world. Here on Earth we are very romantic about the moon (me being one of the biggest lovers of the moon.) but there is absolutely nothing or beautiful about the moon in Gage. It is/ was something very terrifying but with every story that was history, it has turned into a myth.

The kingdom governments vary with each race. Three of them is a twist on a Monarchy style government. While the other two are more of like a board of directors.

But along with every government there is always people who run against it. There is a rebel group in the human race but it focuses more on being a Robin Hood and they wish not to take over the government but simply reform it. They have a lot of really unique ideals that I'm very excited about and I know you all will love it.

My favorite part about my world is the sky, and I want to tell you about it so bad but at the same time I don't want to give it away, (or have someone steel it).

That's all I'm giving away.

The End.

What are you writing? What are your thoughts on my world? Have any questions or suggestions?