August 2, 2015

My thoughts on flaws


I hope you weren't looking for some inspirational post about how flaws are what make you beautiful and nobody's perfect and all that jazz. If you are, you have come to the wrong post.

As much as that is all true I'm going to talk about author flaws.

I was on good read the other day and I came across a review on John Green.

The review went a little something like this: (Its not word for word but its the jist of it.)

"I first read The Fault In Our Stars and I absolutely loved it. So much so I went on a John Green reading binge. But I was author blind. I read all his books and realized how flawed they all are. His characters voices in the books sound all the same. They are good reads but there is too many flaws."

First of all...NOOOOOOOOOOOO not all of his voices sound the same, yes they are all kind of that dorky, quirky personality but they are all different.


J.K Rowling has admitted to switching rooms around in Hogwarts.

The classics that we praise so highly of are not even perfect, if they were why would they have annotated versions of them.


Plus John Green is my favorite so I had to defend him.