September 25, 2014

Say Hello to Skylar

So I thought it would be fun to share with you my main protagonist. Her name is Skylar. And instead of writing a super long description I'm going to post some quotes and pictures that describer her, and things she might say. Enjoy!
And this is about what she would look like. I don't have character sketches done yet.

This is so much Skylar, the hair color, the face, the eyes, the lips, the nose almost everything except the freckles.
The freckles on this person.
 And this is the length of her hair. I love this picture. This is Skylar's hair, not the color. Long and wavy. 
And these are some things she wears on a daily basis.
 Silver rings on all of her fingers, stacked.
 And of course a tiara. She is after all the Princess.
Next month I'll introduce you to Ian. Stay tuned.