September 26, 2014

Night Owl

Hello fellow night owls. Lets be real now. None of us have insomnia, we all have an internet connection. But maybe its not the internet connection or the insomnia that is keeping you awake. It is your mind. Late nights were created for the creators. We create worlds and beings. Make civilizations  rise and fall. No we are far from gods. We are artist. We are the story tellers, we make the snapshots in our minds come alive.

Our minds buzz a million miles a hour all the time and we can't help it. It is our gift and our curse. I always look at it this way and you can quote me.

" The best time to write is at night. All the good thoughts have not been recognized yet. People are either asleep or too drunk to have a sane thought."

I am my most creative at night and I wish I could stay up all night writing. Its like my brain comes up with these magnificent ideas and because I am a wee bit tired, my brain shuts off the filter. The result: pure unfiltered genius. Thinking kills writing. Thinking is self conscious. Just do it. You can fix it up and edit it beautifully later. Late hours are the hours for the genius' to work their magic.