May 14, 2015

My Mother Eats Chewbacca

Well, if you have clicked on this, you have fallen into my trap. I came up with this ridiculous name because some website said one way to gain views is to give your post interesting names and what's more interesting than the thought of an ordinary house wife chomping down on a Wookie?
In fact my mother does not eat Wookies, or Ewoks, or Taun Tauns.
Speaking of Taun Tauns, what is the temperature of the inside of a Taun Taun............ LUKEWARM!!!

Also I don't usually call my mother, mother. I usually refer to my maternal figure as ma, but ever since I started watching Bates Motel that's what I call her when I am frustrated with her. Also for the rest of this post whenever the word mother appears please read it the way Norman Bates says it.
Thank you.

Ok, back to business. Anyway no Star Wars creatures were harmed in the making of this post. Especially Wookies.

So originally I was going to write about how my mother is a total undercover super hero, but then I went to take a shower this morning and my razor was missing.
You see, my cousin MK got into a bad accident and she had to have surgery, (She lives in Indiana) and my parents drove out to be there for her. Leaving me in charge of my two younger brothers (14, 15). In the process of packing my mother took numerous objects belonging to moi. Actually only two.

1: My razor
2: My face powder

Usually I wouldn't care but today when I got in the shower to shave my legs there was no razor. Which means I had two choices:

1: Wear pants
2: Wear a dress but walk around with Chewbacca legs

I chose option one.

And do you know how sucky is to be a librarian in a library that is 143 years old with an iffy A.C system while wearing pants in the spring? (which has been unusually hot.)  Really sucky, the most sucktastic suck to ever suck at sucking in the history of suckology.

It gets better.

I go to do my make-up and I have to use some old powder I bought when I was 14 when being a cheeto was is in style. (Just kidding it was never in style, I just didn't know how to do make-up back then)

So I go to work with cheeto puff face and hidden Chewbacca legs.

But on the more serious note, my mother is a super hero, even though she hijacked my stuff.

Like I said I was put in charge of my little brothers.

I never really thought that much of it until I had to wake up at 6:30 to take them to school, then go grocery shopping, and you have to do that, that early because then you have to go to work. Then after work you have to cook supper. After supper you have to clean up the mess otherwise you won't have dishes to eat off of. Plus dirty dishes are gross.

And when all that is done you finally start to relax after a long, long day then....... your brothers tell you they don't have any clean clothes so you to do loads upon loads of laundry, starting at 10:30 pm.

So I figure that while waiting for loads to get done I can do some writing. But guess what brain decided to not want to do that because it was too tired.

I give my ma so much credit. Its really hard.

Also props to all the single moms out there that do it all plus MORE on their own, while giving the best to their kids, and raising them to be awesome. You gals are the true super heroes.
Keep fighting the good fight ladies.

Also please refrain from eating all creatures from the Star Wars Universe.