September 23, 2014

11. Things your non-writer friends might not understand....

1: Your obsession with words.

2: The stress you have from having 12 different character's problems in your head.

3: How easily agitated you become if you had not a chance write.

4: How you can write over 20,000 words in a week and actually enjoy it.

5: That despite your playful disposition at times you can write some pretty weird messed up things.

6. Your obsessive inner mologging that sometimes doesn't stay in your head.

7. Chewed Pen caps.

8. Hundreds of random journals

9. The god complex you develop at times from creating and destroying a fake world.

10. It's not a "fake world" to you.

11. Writer feels...... because there's not a word horrible or amazing enough to describe the roller coaster of self doubt and confidence.

What are some things that your non writer friends don't understand about you? Leave a comment bellow.