June 22, 2014

A Sinister Kind Of Beautiful.

The creature was beautiful, not like a sunset was beautiful. But a sinister kind of beautiful. One that demanded respect. And you give it willingly because you fear to see those red eyes light up with aggression. You admire the way it stalks about, the way sun shines down on its slimy scales. You have never seen anything like it before in your life. You fall in love and are terrified all in the same moment.


The red eyes glare at you like you're something to eat, but for a moment the predatory stare transfigures into curiosity. But just as fast as it appeared it also disappears. Drool crawls down its jaw, as it licks its lips.

It's eyes steal your attention, memorizing your soul with its stare. You stare deep into the eyes of your taker. It's red eyes spill over in eagerness as it slowly creeps towards you dragging its claws along, sparking on the pavement. It crawls closer and closer. Your gut screams at you to run, and to run fast. It's not until warm, sticky, red liquid pours out of your torso that you realize you made a mistake. You fell in love with a sinister kind of beautiful.