June 22, 2014

Eye of the Storm

Sweat drips down her cheek bones, she twirls around her hands twitching as she stares up the eye of the storm. Chaos rages around her, she watches as everything she loves is torn from it's foundation, Dreams are suffocated in the winds. She chokes on the words she should have said. If she would of had the courage maybe this storm never would have been born. Sitting in the eye of the storm there is a scary kind of calm, a palpable sense of lingering fear. And there's nothing she can do, except one thing. She stares up the eye of the storm, up towards the patch of blue sky. She has prayed many times before, but she needed Him now more than ever. She closes her eyes and tears stream down her face. "Please God," She whispers to herself. "Make this storm stop, take it away." She mutters more pleads of salvation to God but the storm whirls on. The winds pick up faster and faster. "GOD PLEASE!" she shrieks, her face goes white with panic, terror drapes her eyes. She just wants it to stop so she contemplates jumping into the hurricane. It would be so easy, no more suffering, no more fighting.

She stares into the whirling darkness. The winds cut her face. But as soon she decides to jump a man walks through the storm to her. "NO" he yells. Reaching out his hand he races towards her in panic. She stops at the sight of him. "My beloved daughter don't, I love you so much. If anyone understands your struggles it is me, if anyone understands your pain it is me, if anyone understands your desire to escape this chaos it is me. But it is also me you can survive this storm." She stares at the mysterious man in amazement. Never has a man look at her with such love in his eyes, so much caring. "Who are you?", she asks. The man chuckles to himself. "Oh my daughter, I am your salvation." He smiles down at her and wraps her in his arms. Immediately she is filled with an overwhelming sense of peace, even though the storm wages around her. "My Jesus." She says with a smile. "I'm so sorry I left you, I thought I could do it all by myself, but I can't. I just can't." She accepts his embrace and soaks in his presence. "I know, It's alright I love you no matter how far you stray, I have been chasing you for months. Thank you for coming back. You don't know how much pain it causes me to see you in pain. I wanted to help you but you just kept running away and rejecting me. Please my precious daughter don't run away anymore. This world is full of the consequences of sin and I can't make your life perfect by your standards. But if you trust me, one day you'll look back at these silly little storms like battle scars. They'll make you a stronger person and transform you into the Godly women I want you to be. That I know you can be. But only if you trust me. You will never have to fight alone, be still and know that I am your God. "

 He kisses the top of her forehead and looks her in eyes. "In this life you will have trouble. But take heart I have overcome the world." The storm rages on but she looks at it differently now. She no longer has to fight alone. She has peace in Jesus that everything will be ok. Not by her standards but his. She realized while she was sitting in the eye of the storm that if it wasn't for that storm she would never would have gotten that close to Jesus. And she would go into thousands of storms if it meant getting closer to her Jesus.

 Slowly the storm starts to slow and Jesus takes her by the hand. He looks down at her with loving eyes and says. "Are you ready for the road ahead?" she squeezes his steady hand in agreement. "Yes, you lead and I'll follow." He reaches down and picks up the destruction that tried to cover the path. "Good because I have great plans for you." As they walk he cleans up the path the storm almost destroyed. The path that Jesus had set for her. Every now and then a storm pops up. But she clings to her Jesus and has peace. When the storm subsides they continue on their path. She looks back often to see how far she has come from the first storm. The storm that almost ended it all. The one she almost gave her life willingly too. The one that Jesus saved her from. Her Jesus. Her salvation. It was worth it. Don't give up.