June 18, 2014

First Drafts: A.K.A brain ooze

writingelements:  First drafts"How I felt writing the first draft..." - Unknown #quotes #writing
 1: They sound awesome when you first write it down, but then you realize it's garbage.
First drafts of famous movie lines…
2: As the great Ernest Hemingway once said
"The first draft of anything is sh*t"

3: Its nothing but a letter written by a bipolar, emotional kindergartner.

4: You write it down then a week later read it and question your sanity because of how gross and morbid you discovered you are.

5: Your first draft is going to be crap no matter what you do. But its not an atomic bomb.

6: Its better than no draft at all

7: You can always change it

8: Give yourself permission to write badly. Get rid of it, smack it down on that page.
"Write like no one's reading." - Unknown (especially in the first draft) #quotes #writing
9: You have nothing to lose, you can rip it up, eat it, feed it to a cat, toast marshmallows over it the next day if you want.

10: Write fearlessly

11: The delete button is a first drafts worst enemy. Don't tap that.

12: If you want to freak out your family or friends let them read it.

13: Just shut up, stop complaining, don't worry about how bad it might be, because it will be worse than you think. Just get it down!
And lo, I dreamt of a celestial paradise where all first drafts were perfect and without need for editing...