June 18, 2014

Insert witty title here

Isn't it amazing that you can work your tail off on something and then find out it is crap. So you have to rewrite. My exact predicament right now. Having just wrote three chapters in about 2 weeks is leaving my brain a little mushie, gushie and dead. Not to mention I haven't seen my editor in little over a month. My brain hurts. I wish it was easy, to just be able to whip a masterpiece out of thin air the first time and not have to revise and revise and revise and revise and, well you get the picture. And it's not like you can just sit for hours and just write either. There is bills to be paid, dogs to be walked, nieces to be babysat, a house that needs cleaned, low immune systems to heal (Allergy season) and food that needs to be in my belly. Being busy sucks. And being so busy you can't write or revise sucks worse. And reading a pile of crap called your first draft is the suckiest.