July 22, 2015

The Otherworld


Why is it that we remember some dreams but others are like a black cloud of nothingness. In the mornings light we search our consciousness for a mere ghost of an alternate reality. But what we find is more nothingness.

Nothingness shrouded with mystery. When those sleepless nights place a black veil over my dreams I can't help but wonder if it is my own mind protecting me.

Our minds can be our own worst enemy, but could it be a double agent?

Feeding us our most terrifying nightmares only to blot them out with inky darkness. Succumbing to regret and shame, wanting so desperately to fix the mess that it created.

Or maybe our mind is truly our enemy and it steals away the only paradise we have on this Earth. Our 8 hour ticket to the Otherworld.

A place where thoughts bounce amongst the stars and our bodies slide in and out of  Saturn's rings. Where we can fly and be with loved ones that are no longer here.

The Otherworld is vast space, as wonderful as it is horrifying. But what scares me the most is not the experiences we have during our visit but how powerful our minds are to erase such a visit.