March 27, 2015


So I have a problem..... I have reached maximum capacity on my bookcase.

My mother thinks my problem is that I hoard books.

She's insane, one does not hoard books, one simply collects them. No one understands.

Books are more that just paper and covers and words. They're like portals to another world. Obviously I'm a book nerd and not everyone thinks like that or can understand that.

But the stories they hold are much deeper than just an adventure. They teach you lessons so profound that even after you have finished them, the story remains in your soul.

And if you can't appreciate that kind of magic, then you have been reading the wrong books. Or you are reading right books the wrong way. And I'm dreadfully sorry for the people who have not experienced the magic of a good story. I urge you all to jump into it! You're missing out.

So I need another bookcase so I can have places to put my books besides my desk, floor, chair, and bed.

A TARDIS one preferably, and I'm open to donations.

What's your favorite books? What stories have stuck with you? What does your bookcase look like?