December 26, 2014

Phase 1 Completed

It is just mere hours before phase one is completed.

God looks around at all the splendor of Heaven. The streets of gold glisten in the light of His presence and soft ringing of Angelic Choirs echo against massive throne room where God and Jesus, seated on his right side, sit talking business.

"Are you sure you want to give it all up  for that?" and God waves his hand in mid air and zooms in on a peculiar scene. A young couple huddled together in a stable, trying to step around the animals and the filth they leave behind.

"Yes Dad," Jesus scoffs, "We both know it's a part of the plan." He sits up to takes a closer look at the scene taking place down on Earth. The women pulls something out from behind the camels, an old rickety manger. "Joseph!" she exclaims with wide eyes and smile that could melt stone, "This will be perfect for the baby."

Jesus smiles down at the women in the stable, "Mary." he sings to himself.

God's eyes glow as he looks at Mary. "She is very excited. She never forgets to tell me how thankful she is for you. Her faith is so strong. But are you sure you are ok with this, Earth is nothing like Home."

"I know what I am giving up."

God takes Jesus' hand and tenderly rubs his thumb in circles on knuckles. "Do you really know what you are giving up." God said, pain dripping from his eyes, completely aware of all the suffering His son was going to endure.

Jesus releases his Father's hand abruptly and rubs his fingers through his hair, his chest heaving with shallow breathes.

"Yes I know." Tears stream down his face. "But by my wounds they will be healed. I will let them shatter every bone in my body if it means their souls will not crumble."

He zooms out of the scene with Mary and zooms into a scene with a little girl huddled under her tear stained blanket. "I will do it for her, her name is Suzie. She is 12 years old and cries herself to sleep every night while her parents argue. A lot of times her dad is drunk and she gets very scared. But she has such sweet prayers. I will do it for her so she knows she is never alone. That every tear she cries does not go unnoticed, and that one day her joy will exceed her sorrow. Because I love her."

He zooms over to another scene, a middle aged man sits by himself in the last pew in a church. "This is Jeffery Andrew Brown, but his friends call him Jake at least that's what he tells everybody. Even though he doesn't trust a soul on that Earth and believes friends are just a myth. He has only prayed three times in his whole life and he thinks we let him down, but now he is at the bottom and he's desperate. I'm doing it for him so he knows someone that will never betray him and that it is never too late for a second chance."

He scrolls over to a teenage girl smiling while kicking a soccer ball with her friends. "Alishia" A tear rolls down his cheek. "That smile is fake. The battles she fights everyday destroy her, and she does not tell a soul. I hate that she has to fight them, her pain," Jesus keels over, "oh my goodness her pain is like a darkness has burnt out her soul. She is stitched together by faith and tears, walking each day like it might be her last. Alishia trust us so much and I will make sure that her faith is not in vain. I cannot wait until she catches up with her future." Jesus wipes his tears and looks down at her lovingly. "I have amazing plans for her."

Finally Jesus zooms out at the whole of creation, faces of every race and age, man and women flash in front of Him.

"I will do it for all of them so they know how much they are truly loved, through me they have a free one way ticket to this place and I would spend an eternity in hell if that was the price I had to pay in order to get them all here." He relaxes back in his throne and folds his arms behinds his head. "Them destined to hell? Not over my dead body."

God looks at his son with his eyes burning with delight. "Very well." He gives him a hard pat on the back, sending him down. Radiant beams emanate from Earth upon Jesus' descent. Angel shout in praise "Alleluia the King has been born! They will be saved! Alleluia!" One by one they flood the atmosphere cheering as they soar down to Bethlehem. Rejoicing that phase one of the plan to save the world has been completed.