December 26, 2014

Busy Bee

Sorry I have not been posting all that much. I have been SUPER busy.


2nd:  I have gotten a job. A job at the world's magical place, and no its not Disney, much better...... the library!!!! Oh I love it so much! So many stories, in the shelves and the patrons themselves provide rich stories fabric. Working there is a writers paradise. Now I've been working there for a month now and I apologize for neglecting you all. I'm trying to do a better job at balancing everything in my life. From work, to chores, to choir practice, organizing youth group lesson's and trying to fit in some reading and time with my family I have been exhausted. But I thank God I have this Christmas to reenergize my brain.

3rd: I HAVE A BETA READER!!!!! Yes I have a lovely beta reader and she goes by the name of Delaney. I just got back my partial manuscript on Christmas Eve and I'm excited to get to fixing stuff up.

4th: I'm having a break down because I don't think I'm good enough to write a novel, let alone my whole book series. Some days I feel like I'm a genius but lately I've been feeling like forgetting about it all and just become a librarian for the rest of my life and SHHHH at noisy youngsters.