February 28, 2015

3 things my future self needs to know

Ok future me,
So I don't know which future me will be reading this, if it's either tomorrow me or ten years from now me you need to know..... as much as you love McDonald's DON'T EAT IT! You will regret it as soon as those delicious golden fries slither down your throat and into your stomach.
Just because they are potatoes does not mean they are good for you. Also stay away from the chicken nuggets. I know they're your favorite but no. If you must get your fast food fix please go to Chilk-fil-a, but if there's not one around go to taco bell. You will thank me. Oh and don't give up, keep writing and reading. And don't microwave your green tea longer than two minutes unless you want to fry your taste buds.
Sincerely yourself.