January 13, 2015

Dirty Diamonds

 You are so much more than your struggles, so much more than your scars, and so much more beautiful than you can fathom. And what you say and do have a greater impact on passer byers than you realize. In this universe there are so many people, with so many opinions, and at times you may feel crushed under the weight of the world. But you’re not alone. There are many others who scream in silent for help thinking they have no one to turn to.

This world at times can be a very evil place and I hate it just as much as the next at times. But I believe this world tries to snuff out the people who will have the greatest impact on this Earth before they realize their true potential. And that is why you must never give up. The stars cannot shine without the darkness, and pressure only turns black coal into breath taking diamonds.

 The future is a stunning mystery and it’s waiting for you. There is a God who has amazing plans for you, He wants you to use the voice you have been given. Once you accept that it will change your life and help you change the life of others around you.

You have not achieved anything in life until you

have done something for somebody that could

ever be paid back.